Refuel Racing

Refuel Racing on Mobile

An amazing time killer and a super action game right on your mobile device that brings fun and excitement packed to the core.

Refuel Racing iPhone and iPad game downloadGentlemen, Start your engines! Drive as far as you can, as fast as you can but keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Faster you go, more fuel you’ll burn and your chances of going far enough will be left in the dust. Nothing to worry, as the fuel truck is on it’s way to the rescue.

Downlaod Shaukat Khanum App from Android storeJust enter the fuel truck while you’re still rolling and you’ll get re-fueled in seconds. Now you can step on the pedal and start flying like wind again.

Watch for the traffic on the road as it’s a public highway. Just any sort of vehicle can be going real slow out there. Over-take with skill and wade through the boring slow cars, buses, tractors, vans and trucks and make your way to the highest score by going as far as you can.

Refuel Racing BlackBerry app download from BlackBerry WorldHow to Play

  • Simply touch and hold the screen to accelerate.
  • Remove your finger and the car slows down.
  • Tilt your device right or left to turn right or left respectively.
  • Tilt your phone up or down to move the car up or down.Refuel Racing Truck
  • Hit the fuel-truck to refuel.
  • Avoid any other accidents.


Available now from Android Play store for Android devices and BlackBerry world for BlackBerry 10 smart-phones.

Coming soon to iOS and Windows Phone devices.


  • Great game play
  • Nice graphics
  • Quick play and re-play
  • Tilt-to turn, touch to drive, very simple to race.

Some Screenshots

Coming Soon:

Refuel Racing coming soon to windows phone.