Clash of Candidates – Hillary vs Trump

Clash of Candidates - Hillary vs Trump


Get Ready— Fight!!

Its final few weeks and the final clash of the candidates for US presidential election has begun.

In this fun fighting game, play as your favorite candidate from your selected state and win for your state. Play as Trump or play as Clinton, you’ll find it tough to win as the clash is so balanced and anybody can win, the competition is so close.

Select your state, keep an eye on the results and proceed by selecting your favorite candidate. Presidential candidates can be chosen to play against one another.

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Game Features:

* Amazing 3D graphics and characters
* Amazing fight animations
* The clash happens in front of the white house
* Trump is big and strong
* Clinton is sharp and deadly
* Several punch and kick moves while you fight
* Block the opponent attacks
* Gain confidence as you do more damage to the opponent
* Run and kick if you are attacking from a distance
* When your confidence attack is high, you can cast a magic spell for extreme damage

Map View
The map shows all the states of the United States of America. You can choose one state of your choice and fight for the state. The state goes blue if the Democratic Party’s candidate wins. The state will go red if the Republican candidate wins. You can play again and again to score more for your candidate.

The fight here in the game is only symbolic, it represents the fierce election competition, the fight of ideology, the fight of character, the fight of capability, the fight for the ultimate goal and it is in no means asking for violence at any level and at any time, in any part of the world. Have a fun and peaceful game play.