Ashiq rickshay wala – عاشق رکشے والا

Ashiq drives rickshaw, he’s a nice young handsome man.

Well, the fate brings him to a point where he falls in love with a lady who once hired his rickshaw (yeah, the tuk tuk).

Little did he know that the lady found him attractive as well. Soon a random ride in Ashiq’s rickshaw will end up being a serious relationship. The love-story that started in the rickshaw was blooming on the taxi stand, bus stand, road side and then…


like any love story, here comes the turning point. The girl’s father found out about the relationship and he was furious. How dare this mere rickshaw driver get involved with his daugher?

He said “You’re so poor young man, go find somebody of your own status. Don’t you ever meet my daughter until you have enough money….”


It’s all about the money? Ashiq finds a way to earn some money quick. There’s a local mid-night drag racing scene in town. All the cool rickshaw drivers with amazing rides are coming to compete and there’s some good money to win. There he goes racing the nights away.

Help Ashiq win big money and impress his future father-in-law.

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