Aaj Kya Pakaen – آج کیا پکا‍‌ءیں


Is that a common question asked around you? What to cook or what to eat today? Pull out this app and find out what you’re cooking today. The app suggests a new food item to be cooked or eaten.

Downlaod Shaukat Khanum App from Android storeYou can continue to ask for suggestions till you find the dish you were looking for. The fun doesn’t stop here. If you want to cook, you have the recipe of this food item right there in the app both in Urdu as well as in English. View the recipe and cook at your convenience.

There will be times when you’ll not find what you were looking for, or may be you’re craving for a foreign dish. Just add the name to your list and it will pop up every now and then in your suggestions.

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There’s a long list of Pakistani and South Asian dishes to choose from in this app. Are you a meat lover and want to go for roast meat, dum pukht gosht, achar gosht or nihari or you prefer vegetarian and want to go for sarson ka sag and alu ka bhurta? It’s all in this app for you.
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